Cutty’s Collar

Yesterday Cutty got two new things.

One is this dreamwave scratcher. He was using our bedspread as his scratching post and that was not OK. Good news, he loves this new one.

The other thing he got was a new collar. He loves it so much he keeps taking it off and leaving it in fun places for me to find.

I think he looks handsome in green.

He thinks it is really fun to bat it around the floor. He has left it on for a few hours at a time today. Then he takes it off again to play hide-and-seek-the-collar.


One response

  1. this made my day–you’ve got too much fun creative stuff happening in your head not to share it!!! plus that little kitten is just absurdly cute and makes me smile =) tell him aunt elaine is very excited to play hide-and-seek the collar with him when I am home

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