This story begins a few years ago. My husband was just my fiance. That fall my family spent several days in a cabin in Gatlinburg and he got to tag along. On our last night there we were all going to get in the hot tub. Brandon got in first while we were all changing our clothes. As I was about to open the backdoor to join him, my sisters and I noticed a very large (at the time he seemed enormous) raccoon mid-way between the hot tub and the door.


Have you ever seen raccoon paws? They are like tiny human hands. SO CREEPY!

Nothing we did seemed to scare the raccoon. There was a lot of yelling by the girls, my mom tried to lure it away by throwing pieces of bread down from the upper deck.  (Which we then pointed out probably made it want to hang out even longer to eat). Eventually my dad chased it away with a pool cue. At this point Brandon had turned into a raisin because he was stuck in the hot tub that whole time.

This year my dad decided to tease Brandon about being trapped by a raccoon by getting him this t-shirt for Christmas.

Cutty would not get off the shirt for me to take a picture, he is such a ham.

Then my dad hid a stuffed raccoon in the trashcan and made Brandon take the trash out one night. In Brandon’s defense in the darkness I’m sure it looked like the real thing, and Brandon was startled but at least he didn’t scream like a little girl.  It was really funny to watch from inside the safe cabin where the stuffed toy raccoon couldn’t get me. The raccoon now lives on our shelf like this.

This story is making it sound like my dad hates Brandon. Or really loves raccoons. . . . . . .

This is how Cutty feels about the stuffed raccoon.

He was either trying to get it to play with him or he was trying to kill it.

It’s good to know that my cat would protect me if a raccoon ever decided to wander into the apartment. I mean really, raccoons’ tiny hands are SO CREEPY!


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  1. You forgot that on that first trip Brandon went to take the garbage out on the last day and there was a real raccoon in there too!! Lol no raccoons this year….or maybe there will be….but maybe not til next year….or maybe not….you just never know do you Brandon!!!

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