Totally unrelated to this post. At this time one year ago I was at our wedding reception. Happy Anniversary Honey! I think I will have to do a post later about the crafting I did for our wedding. The header for this blog is a picture of my wedding bouquet. All of our flowers were made of origami. Except for the corsages for the mothers/other wedding part members who had crocheted flowers. I think it made for a very personal touch and it saved A LOT of money. So maybe if I can help some other bride save money it would be worth it. Sorry for all of the unrelated info, just something I was thinking about.

On to the real deal.

One of the first finds I made on Pinterest were these snowflakes made out of popsicle sticks. I didn’t get any pictures of the process because I was having to use crazy glue. I could not find my hot glue gun and I can guarantee you it would have made this project twice as fast. However, despite the difficulty with adhesives I really love the finished project.

All photography guides tell you to use natural light. So I tried to photograph them in the daylight. Here is the picture I got.

It is actually not terrible because the good news is that in the day the snowflakes make a beautiful silhouette in the window. Although the lighting isn’t ideal, here are the snowflakes tonight.

I switched it up from the tutorial since our couch is red and  our tree is red and gold. Too much red. I like the two different shades of green.

Here they are with our tree and stockings (since we don’t have a mantle) I know the lighting isn’t idea, but it gives you a pretty good idea.

I love having our decorations up! I really wasn’t feeling Christmas until our apartment started to look so festive! Thanks MGC for all your help. Now all I have to do is keep the kittens out of the tree. That is a story for  another day. . . .


Christmas Wreath

I have been trying really hard to postpone Christmas. I have a fear that if I start celebrating it too soon I will be underwhelmed when it finally gets here. So the fact that I have been working on a Christmas Wreath has felt like cheating. However, in my defense I got the idea for it last year when I made a different wreath. (pattern can be found I enjoyed that wreath, I left it up all year and changed the decorations on it, hearts for Valentines, flowers this summer. But, this idea kept nagging at my head. I had a vision and I kept googling it to see if anyone else had done it. I could never quite find what I was looking for. So I started from scratch.

This was a great stash buster. I used various left over green yarns and made up a leaf pattern. I know I had used different patterns in the past and so I just kind of played around until I figured out the general shape and size I wanted.

I made a lot of these. I really should count them.

I had wrapped a foam wreath in the darkest color green (sorry no pictures) and pinned it with sequin pins. I don’t know what you really do with sequin pins but they were the right size for this project. I had the idea to use pins because I wasn’t sure how it was going to work and I was afraid to ruin the project with hot glue. However, I think if I were to make it again I would end up gluing the leaves on. They seem a bit precarious right now. Hopefully they will stay as long as I am not too rough with it. I tried to overlap the leaves in a random pattern.

The final leaves were a bit tricky to place, I think I might add something at that area to cover up where they join.

I think I am most surprised that it actually turned out pretty much how I had pictured it in my head. I am still debating if it needs something else, maybe some berries or a bow. Right now I am just going to enjoy it as our first Christmas decoration this year.

To Boldly Go. . .

We have been fostering kittens from the Lexington Humane Society since last May. That is actually how we got Cutty. He was the 13th cat we had at our house this summer, he was also the sickest. We had to treat him for everything from worms to pink eye and ear mites. He had more antibiotics in the first few weeks than I think I have had in the last 10 years. Now he is a happy and healthy 4 month old. We probably should have quit while we were ahead.

There is just such a feeling of satisfaction from helping a poor defenseless creature (and fostering animals relieves the financial burden on humane societies). They have also shown that animals that are fostered get adopted more quickly because they have been properly socialized. So. . .we just had a hard time giving that up. Part of our reason for jumping back in so soon was because we didn’t want Cutty to be too big and old and set in his ways. We want him to be used to little balls of fur showing up every once in a while at his house.

Ok, I know you really just want the pictures. Here they come.

Meet Data and Riker. My adorable sister has been dying for us to name some of our fosters after Star Trek characters. These were the names Brandon and I could agree on (we tossed around names from the original series, but eventually landed on The Next Generation). They fit perfectly, too. These are some of the boldest kittens we have ever had! They have no fear and will go just about any where. Usually it takes a day or two for the new arrivals to get adjusted. Not these two. They are little explorers.

This is Riker. He is the bigger of the two and more short-haired. He is a big fan of climbing and I keep finding him in places where Cutty has never even thought to venture. Some of the places I just have to stare at because I really cannot figure out how he got up there. Even though he is the bigger of the two, he is still about 1/3 the size of Cutty. Having these two here has really made us realize what a big guy Cutty has become.

Data was harder to get a picture of. Although you cannot tell in this picture, his lips are kind of white colored which matches perfect with all the white makeup they put on Brent Spinner from Star Trek (ask me how I know the actor’s name, ask me if I have ever seen him in person, ask me if my sister dragged me to a Star Trek convention) Today Cutty has seemed more interested in tackling Data. Yesterday it was Riker. Cutty is fickle when it comes to which kitten to attack.

This is what the floors of our apartment have looked like since the kittens’ arrival. Just in case you couldn’t tell, there is a toilet paper roll, 5 balls of aluminum foil, a wind up mouse, a wad of paper, a stuffed toy (with stuffing coming out) and Cutty’s favorite teaser. Cutty would be happy pouncing on the kittens all day. Unfortunately he sometimes forgets his own strength and so we cannot leave them all together unsupervised. He thinks we are the greatest parents for bringing him two living toys to play with. Until the two little guys settle in my lap to sleep. Then he gets jealous and tries to eat them. This is the face he gives me.

His royal highness has needed lots of TLC lately. I’m kind of glad he is requiring extra loving. I was kind of worried he would get so mad at us for bringing in some intruders that he would ignore us. But, instead he just wants us to keep telling him that he is still our favorite.


Two Questions

I was in a cookie baking mood. I had several days off and was going to take my time and leisurely bake and decorate to my heart’s content. One round of antibiotics later and several days of napping, I was down to one day for all my cookie baking needs. I tell you this because the final results pictures were taken after the sun went down and there wasn’t much I could do about it, but I appologize for the quality.

Ok, first question:

What am I doing with this combination of cookie cutters?


They end up making these cookies:


And then with the little bit of dough left over I made these hearts (so as not to waste dough)

(and yes I have so little counter space I sometimes have to use my stovetop) Will it help if I show you the colors I used?


Here are some of them decorated:


Alright I guess I will show you the full set. It might still be a little confusing though.


Is it twins? Nope! My friend KB and her family were finding out if their new baby is going to be a girl or a boy. Since I didn’t know when I was making the cookies I made both kinds. I thought it made for a very cute combination. I took all the blue and pink cookies to work and made everyone wait to try them until we got a phone call from KB. Once she made the big announcement I packed up the cookies that matched her new baby and let everyone else eat the cookies in the other color.

So here is the second question. Which cookies did I send to KB and her family?

Her little boy is going to have a baby brother! Congratulations! I am so thrilled for their whole family. (I was totally off, I have been saying for weeks it was a girl) Anyway, the pink cookies were enjoyed by everyone at work so they were not a total waste.

On a side note, I think I am going to keep making mini cookies from my scraps of dough. They always turn out so cute and are pretty quick to decorate. Plus they are perfect when you just want a bite.


Congrats KB (and MB and LB)!

A Crochet Day

I hadn’t dedicated a whole day to crochet in a while. It was really nice to take the time to finish some projects. Actually I finished one project I had been working on and then did another project all the way from start to finish! Sorry the pictures are so bad. I was the only human at home this morning and Cutty refused to model the hats for me.

Can you guess who the hat with Spock ears is for? That’s right, a certain 17 year old sister of mine who happens to be in love with Leonard Nimoy.  (I think they just look like elf ears, but hopefully the recipient will be OK with them)

This Strawberry Hat is for a little girl in Chicago. I haven’t decided if the seeds make it look too much like a watermelon.

I think the leaves on top help it look more strawberry-like. Hopefully it fits her cute little head, I didn’t have any measurements for her.

I think I am done with hats for a while, although they are a great project because they work up so quickly without a whole lot of concentration.  I have an idea that has been floating in my head for several months about a wreath. We’ll see if it turns out like I planned it.

As the night went on. . .

As the night went on Cutty tried to get comfortable. . . .

He thought his neck might get stiff this way.

He was wound so tightly this way he needed to stretch out.

After this he decided he had slept enough and proceded to run and dash and dart for a good thirty minutes. He had a lot of energy to burn, he’d had a good nap.

It started to get cold so I put on my fleece. Cutty decided he needed to try out the fleece.

He enjoyed it for a while. He’s darting and dashing again. Who knows what he will do as the night goes on. . .