A Crochet Day

I hadn’t dedicated a whole day to crochet in a while. It was really nice to take the time to finish some projects. Actually I finished one project I had been working on and then did another project all the way from start to finish! Sorry the pictures are so bad. I was the only human at home this morning and Cutty refused to model the hats for me.

Can you guess who the hat with Spock ears is for? That’s right, a certain 17 year old sister of mine who happens to be in love with Leonard Nimoy.  (I think they just look like elf ears, but hopefully the recipient will be OK with them)

This Strawberry Hat is for a little girl in Chicago. I haven’t decided if the seeds make it look too much like a watermelon.

I think the leaves on top help it look more strawberry-like. Hopefully it fits her cute little head, I didn’t have any measurements for her.

I think I am done with hats for a while, although they are a great project because they work up so quickly without a whole lot of concentration.  I have an idea that has been floating in my head for several months about a wreath. We’ll see if it turns out like I planned it.


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