Happy Birthday Hubby!

First of all, if you are like most Americans not married to my husband you have never heard of the computer game Minecraft. If that is the case you may want to click here. The first picture is a pretty good example of what the game looks like. It will help explain what is coming next.

Over the years I have made a few different cakes for Hubby’s birthday, this year he wanted a cake based off the minecraft computer game. I had to do a lot of thinking to even come up with an idea that might work. Since this game is set in an environment with mountains, I knew I needed to start with the shape of the cake. I wanted it to have lots of layers. Then I added a crumb coat of icing.

The graphics are very pixellated, but ohmyhgoodness that would be a lot of work. So I decided to use three different colors of brown to make different colors of blocks. I hoped this would create a similar effect.

Then I added greens for the grass.

I wanted to add a little extra color with some water.  (Hubby has since corrected me and told me that I was inaccurate in my use of water. It is too detailed and not interesting enough for me to explain here. I thought it looked fine)

Hubby has a very distinct character in this game. (He is based on a character named Tobias from the TV show Arrested Development) There are no cats in Minecraft, but Hubby said it was OK because he wanted Cutty to be on the cake with him. Here’s what I used the fondant for!

Sorry that is a very blurry picture!

Here is the final cake. I added a tree on the lower level for some balance.

So it may not be the most accurate Minecraft cake, but it tasted pretty good! Happy Birthday Honey!


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