Christmas Wreath Disaster (and some cookies)

I was so proud of my Christmas Wreath. I had imagined what it would look like, and then worked to create the pattern. When it turned out just how I had pictured it I couldn’t have been happier. I left it hanging on the door to my closet because I loved how it looked around the old glass doorknob (our apartment is in a house that is over 100 years old). Then Cutty realized he could reach it.

Part of my mistake was that I let him play with the left over leaves. He loved them and we would play fetch over and over with them. Then he realized he could catch them in mid-air if I threw them gently enough and so that became our new game. You can tell these leaves have been well loved.

One night before bed Cutty brought me a leaf that looked like it was in really good shape. I just thought, oh this must be one we haven’t played with as much. I tossed it for him a few times and then went to bed. The next morning I came out of the bedroom and found the wreath like this.

This actually happened a few weeks ago, but I had to take pictures today because I am having to hide the wreath again. I had put it on a high shelf until I had time to repair it but Cutty realized he could reach that shelf. So the wreath and all of its poor little leaves are having to be put in a bag in my closet. I haven’t found the motivation to fix it yet, maybe closer to Christmas. And this time I will definitely be using a hot glue gun instead of pins (which the cat could easily pull out). Even though it turned into a mess, I don’t regret using the pins. They were helpful since the wreath was an experiment and they kept me from worrying I would make a permanent mistake.  Just an FYI though in case anyone is wanting to make their own. Posting this reminded me that I need to post the pattern for the leaves. Sorry it has taken so long, hopefully I can work on that soon.

On another note. I didn’t really have enough to say about these to make a whole post, but here are some cookies I made for a baby shower. I was sick when I made them so they aren’t my best. However, I thought at least one picture was good enough to share. (sorry I took the picture at 6am before work)


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