Just Something I Whipped Up Last Night

I was just fiddling around with a cable pattern and I thought, if I keep going with this I could make an ear-warmer-headband-thing to wear into work.

What do you think of the buttons? They were the last two from a set I had left over, so there was no thought put into the color. I think the two buttons instead of one keeps it from stretching too much where the pieces overlap. However, the buttons are so small that sometimes the crochet loops slip off them.

I think I like it. I loved the way it worked up. The pattern was easy and once I got the hang of it I could zone out and watch the cheesy Christmas Mystery Movie on TNT (I’m not proud I watched it, but it was the perfect thing to watch while crocheting).

I maybe won’t wear it all the time, but it is definitely good enough for the cold walk into work.