O Christmas Tree

Last week I put up a beautiful tree.  The tree has had a rough week. It started with the little guys noticing the things close to the ground. They pulled a little bit of the strand of lights off and batted it around. We put the lights back on the tree and tried to distract them with other shiny objects.

Then they noticed all the red and gold ornaments we had so kindly placed on the tree for their enjoyment (at least that is how I hear it in my head, “oh look mom and dad put some toys on here for us”)

Next they discovered if they batted the ornament off the tree it made a really fun toy to play with on the ground.

For some reason hubby and I thought that when an ornament was hit off the tree we should replace it up a little higher. Then the kittens realized they could climb the tree. This kitten was above my head when I took the picture.

I have an after picture (didn’t think to take a before). You can see all of the ornaments above waist level, although we have since discovered it makes not one bit of difference.

 It’s hard to see, but the gold bead garland my sister so carefully placed in concentric circles around the tree is now a jumbled mess. The whole tree is kind of a mess. But then I turn the tree lights on and the room lights off and the glow is still wonderfully festive.

Finally, when the kittens are done climbing in the tree and have worn themselves out they settle into a kitten pile of purring in one of our laps and it really doesn’t matter that the tree isn’t perfect any more.