Totally unrelated to this post. At this time one year ago I was at our wedding reception. Happy Anniversary Honey! I think I will have to do a post later about the crafting I did for our wedding. The header for this blog is a picture of my wedding bouquet. All of our flowers were made of origami. Except for the corsages for the mothers/other wedding part members who had crocheted flowers. I think it made for a very personal touch and it saved A LOT of money. So maybe if I can help some other bride save money it would be worth it. Sorry for all of the unrelated info, just something I was thinking about.

On to the real deal.

One of the first finds I made on Pinterest were these snowflakes made out of popsicle sticks. I didn’t get any pictures of the process because I was having to use crazy glue. I could not find my hot glue gun and I can guarantee you it would have made this project twice as fast. However, despite the difficulty with adhesives I really love the finished project.

All photography guides tell you to use natural light. So I tried to photograph them in the daylight. Here is the picture I got.

It is actually not terrible because the good news is that in the day the snowflakes make a beautiful silhouette in the window. Although the lighting isn’t ideal, here are the snowflakes tonight.

I switched it up from the tutorial since our couch is red and  our tree is red and gold. Too much red. I like the two different shades of green.

Here they are with our tree and stockings (since we don’t have a mantle) I know the lighting isn’t idea, but it gives you a pretty good idea.

I love having our decorations up! I really wasn’t feeling Christmas until our apartment started to look so festive! Thanks MGC for all your help. Now all I have to do is keep the kittens out of the tree. That is a story for  another day. . . .