Happy Easter

Some cookie makers just see in their mind how to combine different cutters to make new shapes. I have a hard time with this. So I was pretty impressed when I thought up this idea. I haven’t done extensive research, so I am sure someone else has done this before. But for me, I was just looking at my cookie cutters and thought “I wonder what would happen if I combine this egg and this miniature bell shape. Besides the one above I also combined it like this:

I used my new PME tips (love them!!!) and some GLAZE icing. You read that right, I was experimenting with glaze instead of my normal royal icing. I’m getting all crazy with shapes and recipes. Who knows what I’ll try next. (apparently I need some real excitement in my life)

That’s a bad picture but the tip says PME. Anyway. . . this is what that first combination became:

The next one did not turn out as well as I had hoped. I really liked the idea of having a chick in the shape of an egg, but something just wasn’t right. Oh well, it is still going to be tasty.

Here are some more of the cookies.

Gotta love the mini cookies!

Some of my favorite in the set were these crosses. I wasn’t going to make any because I wasn’t sure how to decorate them. However, they are the most important of the Easter cookies so I shouldn’t be surprised that I liked them the best.

I got the idea for these flowers from Lila Loa.

I am still debating this glaze icing. I have gotten so used to Royal Icing (RI) that I just feel unsure about how to use this new stuff. However, glaze is hands down the better tasting icing. I think I will have to do more experimenting. If you want more info on glaze I recommend Cookie Crazie and Sweet Hope Cookies.

Happy Easter!!!