One Hat, Two Hat, Red Hat, Blue Hat

Now I can finally show off what I have been working on for the past few months! (and get back to knitting my pendulum shawl)

First a hat for a friend at work. The pattern is named Fjord and I knit it with a beautiful red yarn called Rowan Lima that she picked out.


Thanks Hubby for modeling it for me!


Loved the hat, may have to make one for myself one day.

Next a Christmas present for my sister. She asked for a slouchy hat. This is a pretty easy pattern and it knit up really quickly.


Please excuse the weird self-portrait.


Finally I knit an earwarmer for my mother-in-law who walks outside most days. It has been frigid here and so I hope it keeps her warm! I am going to apologize in advance for these truly terrible pictures. I finished this project right before Christmas and I was working 12 hour shifts all of the days leading up to Christmas day. That meant I had to quickly take pictures in awful lighting after the sun went down.


The light does no justice to the color. It is a truly gorgeous undyed alpaca yarn (Cascade Eco Duo) that has a natural variation from light to dark cream color. Although it is a little difficult to work with, the finished products are beautiful and may be the softest things I have ever touched.


So these things kept me busy for a few months (plus the birthday mittens). I know I said I was going to get back to my pendulum, but I have already bought yarn for two new projects. I don’t know what my problem is, I never had this issue when I was just crocheting! I would finish a project before starting another. Oh well, as long as each one gets finished eventually. . . .

Happy New Year!


Just Something I Whipped Up Last Night

I was just fiddling around with a cable pattern and I thought, if I keep going with this I could make an ear-warmer-headband-thing to wear into work.

What do you think of the buttons? They were the last two from a set I had left over, so there was no thought put into the color. I think the two buttons instead of one keeps it from stretching too much where the pieces overlap. However, the buttons are so small that sometimes the crochet loops slip off them.

I think I like it. I loved the way it worked up. The pattern was easy and once I got the hang of it I could zone out and watch the cheesy Christmas Mystery Movie on TNT (I’m not proud I watched it, but it was the perfect thing to watch while crocheting).

I maybe won’t wear it all the time, but it is definitely good enough for the cold walk into work.