Cats Need Scarves Too

I am finally going to show you the scarf from our Europe trip! I actually finished it a while ago but was sans camera for a while. It’s a little too warm for it now, but I will love wearing it in the fall and remembering where it has been!

At first Cutty didn’t know what to think about it.

But I kept snapping pictures and he really got into it.

I finally had to put the camera down and untangle him from the knot he had turned the scarf into.

I think he was trying to tell me that cats need scarves, too.

(Pattern is Richmond Infinity Lace Scarf found here on Etsy)


As the night went on. . .

As the night went on Cutty tried to get comfortable. . . .

He thought his neck might get stiff this way.

He was wound so tightly this way he needed to stretch out.

After this he decided he had slept enough and proceded to run and dash and dart for a good thirty minutes. He had a lot of energy to burn, he’d had a good nap.

It started to get cold so I put on my fleece. Cutty decided he needed to try out the fleece.

He enjoyed it for a while. He’s darting and dashing again. Who knows what he will do as the night goes on. . .