Christmas Wreath Disaster (and some cookies)

I was so proud of my Christmas Wreath. I had imagined what it would look like, and then worked to create the pattern. When it turned out just how I had pictured it I couldn’t have been happier. I left it hanging on the door to my closet because I loved how it looked around the old glass doorknob (our apartment is in a house that is over 100 years old). Then Cutty realized he could reach it.

Part of my mistake was that I let him play with the left over leaves. He loved them and we would play fetch over and over with them. Then he realized he could catch them in mid-air if I threw them gently enough and so that became our new game. You can tell these leaves have been well loved.

One night before bed Cutty brought me a leaf that looked like it was in really good shape. I just thought, oh this must be one we haven’t played with as much. I tossed it for him a few times and then went to bed. The next morning I came out of the bedroom and found the wreath like this.

This actually happened a few weeks ago, but I had to take pictures today because I am having to hide the wreath again. I had put it on a high shelf until I had time to repair it but Cutty realized he could reach that shelf. So the wreath and all of its poor little leaves are having to be put in a bag in my closet. I haven’t found the motivation to fix it yet, maybe closer to Christmas. And this time I will definitely be using a hot glue gun instead of pins (which the cat could easily pull out). Even though it turned into a mess, I don’t regret using the pins. They were helpful since the wreath was an experiment and they kept me from worrying I would make a permanent mistake.  Just an FYI though in case anyone is wanting to make their own. Posting this reminded me that I need to post the pattern for the leaves. Sorry it has taken so long, hopefully I can work on that soon.

On another note. I didn’t really have enough to say about these to make a whole post, but here are some cookies I made for a baby shower. I was sick when I made them so they aren’t my best. However, I thought at least one picture was good enough to share. (sorry I took the picture at 6am before work)


Happy Valentine’s Day

Cutty must have stepped on something, because two days ago we noticed swelling on his right paw. I took him to the vet yesterday and they told me it was an infection. He had to be sedated so they could clean it out and properly dress it. He hates the bandange, but he was nice enough to pose for a photo.

He’s been a real trooper, although with his injury he thinks he must be held AT ALL TIMES!!!!! But this just made for some wonderful cuddle time with him, as both hubby and myself have been battling a nasty virus this week. I am starting to feel better, but hubby went to bed at 7:30 tonight. In any case, Cutty wanted to stop by to tell you all to take time to smell the flowers and remember those you love this Valentine.

Of course this picture was after we had cleaned up the mess he made when he knocked the whole vase of flowers over and spilled water everywhere. . . oh well! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!


About a year ago I started making hat and bib sets for friends’ baby showers. However, when I came up with the idea for this hat I just wasn’t sure how to make a matching bib.

So I decided on a little stuffed dino-baby to go with it. It is my loose interpretation of a stegosaurus, but I like it. I actually didn’t know how it was going to turn out most of the time because I was just making it up as I went. But, now I wish I had taken notes because I think I might like to make another one!

This sweet set was for KB and her newest addition. You might remember I made cookies for her family when they found out they were having another little boy.

We had a little work shower for her over the weekend. My friend PW and I made the cake and cupcakes.

It’s always fun to celebrate happy occasions with friends!


Since I had made the crocodile stitch scarf for one of my sisters I had been feeling the urge to complete something for my other sister. It took a while to figure out what it should be, but once I had decided the project almost flew off the hook. I had so much fun making this project. I titled this post delicious because that is how I felt about the yarn. It is Malabrigo Worsted 237 Cuarenta and you can find out more about their fabulous yarns here. They only sell to stores so unfortunately you cannot buy it from their website. However, I am all for supporting your local yarn store.

My photo of the ball I wound (by hand) was blurry, but it is the prettiest one I have ever done so I have to show you anyway.I used a stitch called the box stitch which I learned about here. I looked at a bunch of google images and I think I would like to try this in a solid color as well. I think the texture would be amazing. I like how this project is worked on the diagonal.

The scarf took a little less than two skeins so I had yarn left over for tassels. Not every scarf needs tassels, but I thought they worked for this one.

At this point of the day the sun was going down and the lighting was off. The first two pictures are much more accurate when it comes to the color of the yarn. However, I wanted to show at least one close up of the pattern.

Speaking of delicious. Last night hubby made pasta from scratch. Here it is hanging from a make shift contraption to help the noodles dry a little.

 Then he cooked the fresh noodles with a mushroom sauce and it was. . . you guessed it, Delicious!!! I am one lucky girl.