Christmas Wreath

I have been trying really hard to postpone Christmas. I have a fear that if I start celebrating it too soon I will be underwhelmed when it finally gets here. So the fact that I have been working on a Christmas Wreath has felt like cheating. However, in my defense I got the idea for it last year when I made a different wreath. (pattern can be found I enjoyed that wreath, I left it up all year and changed the decorations on it, hearts for Valentines, flowers this summer. But, this idea kept nagging at my head. I had a vision and I kept googling it to see if anyone else had done it. I could never quite find what I was looking for. So I started from scratch.

This was a great stash buster. I used various left over green yarns and made up a leaf pattern. I know I had used different patterns in the past and so I just kind of played around until I figured out the general shape and size I wanted.

I made a lot of these. I really should count them.

I had wrapped a foam wreath in the darkest color green (sorry no pictures) and pinned it with sequin pins. I don’t know what you really do with sequin pins but they were the right size for this project. I had the idea to use pins because I wasn’t sure how it was going to work and I was afraid to ruin the project with hot glue. However, I think if I were to make it again I would end up gluing the leaves on. They seem a bit precarious right now. Hopefully they will stay as long as I am not too rough with it. I tried to overlap the leaves in a random pattern.

The final leaves were a bit tricky to place, I think I might add something at that area to cover up where they join.

I think I am most surprised that it actually turned out pretty much how I had pictured it in my head. I am still debating if it needs something else, maybe some berries or a bow. Right now I am just going to enjoy it as our first Christmas decoration this year.