Work In Progress

Sorry I have been gone so long. I went a few places. For my birthday a friend gave me  a gift card to a craft store and so before I left I bought yarn and some plastic crochet hooks so that I could take my project on the plane with me to. . .


I continued to work on my projcet on the train. . .


to Brussels!

After that we went to. . .

come on, do I really have to say this one?

When we got home I looked at my WIP (work in progress for those people who are not yarn nerds like me) and I was pretty happy with the progress.

The plan is for this to become an infinity scarf. I chose this project because it would be very portable, but now that I am home in the 80 degree weather I am wondering if it is really out of season. If you are interested in the pattern I got it from this Etsy shop and I recommend you check out her other patterns, too. Very Cool!


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